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Are You Ready For VDI?

In the process of design and implementation engagements, one thing is clear: many companies are not ready for VDI.  Some simply do not need VDI, but think they want it.  Others may need it, but have a long road to travel to get there.  The question then becomes how to determine if VDI is right for you and how to make it a reality.  This is not about deciding which solution is right for you, but understanding what should go into that decision making process. [Read More…]

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To VDI or Not To VDI?

To borrow from Shakespeare, many companies find themselves asking “to VDI or not to VDI?” The first step to determine if Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the right solution for your company is to identify exactly what VDI means for your organization.

The question becomes how to determine if VDI is right for you, or not. [Read More…]

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Keys to Managing your Virtual Environments

GlassHouse has assisted many organizations with the design, planning and implementation of their virtual environments. During the implementation phase, we help companies set themselves up for long term success by putting in place proper procedures and management tools from the beginning. In this paper, we share what we believe to be the keys to managing this new environment. [Read More…]

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VDI Planning Guide: Highly Available Desktops

A key advantage of virtualization is the ability to decouple an operating system from its hardware layer. This improves flexibility and maximizes uptime. Virtual server infrastructure commonly utilizes this flexibility to provide high availability, moving virtual servers between hosts. When planning and deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, the question you must ask is: “How do we design the desktops to be highly available?” [Read More…]

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