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SYN305: Getting from “Wow to How”, Part 3: Storage infrastructure design guidelines for successful

Storage is one of the most complex aspects of a desktop virtualization implementation. Due to the perceived complexity, many implementations fail to align storage with user requirements. Different groups of users typically require different types of virtual desktops, which typically lead to conflicting storage requirements and costly trade-offs. Rather than compromising user experience due to storage constraints and cost, the storage infrastructure design should align with user’s virtual desktop requirements.

Recorded Session from Citrix Synergy 2011 featuring Andy Paul and Eric Eric Jurasinski.  Available on Citrix TV, registration required.


VDI: Are You Ready?

Recorded GlassHouse webinar base on my article Are you ready for VDI?, I discuss the importance of identifying exactly what VDI means to your organization, how to determine if VDI is right for you and how to make it a reality, as well as:

  • Understanding the various components of VDI architecture
  • Understanding the infrastructure requirements for VDI
  • Analyzing your existing environment for VDI readiness

Available at, may require registration.  PowerPoint available for download as well


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