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I am happy to say that as of this morning, my book is COMPLETE!

I approved the final clubbed draft of the work with the editors this morning.  It should go to press in the next day or two once the final index and table of contents is complete.

WOOT!  It’s been a long, slow process.  I learned a lot from it and can gladly say I did it.

Read more about it here.

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Coming Soon: My XenApp Book

Checking one off the bucket list…

bookMy book is in the final stages of production and should be available in September 2014.  This has been a much slower process than planned due to work changes, illness, and product updates… but the end is near!

Packt approached me last year to write an architectural guide to XenApp 6.5.  With the release of XenApp 7.5 earlier this year, we shifted the focus to the latest version; which required a fair amount of rewrite but is well worth it.

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Speaking at BriForum, Part 2

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak again at BriForum.  I presented my DIY DaaS: Creating your own Desktop-as-a-Service session.  I had the pleasure (or misfortune) to follow Brian and Gabe on stage… that is a tough act to follow.


Overall, this has been a great experience; especially for my first BriForum.  Great venue, wonderful people.  I got introduced to some new technologies and products, but more importantly I was able to network with old friends and new.

If you get the chance to attend BriForum in the future, I highly recommend it.  BriForum 2015 will be in Boston again.

All of the sessions are recorded, I’ll post links once they are available.

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Speaking at BriForum

This morning I was able to speak at BriForum.  This is my first time attending or speaking at BriForum … great venue!

Where to stick it

My morning session was Where to Stick It: VDI Storage Considerations.  The session went well with good audience participation and feedback.  I’ll post a link to the slide deck and video, once they are available.

I’ll be speaking again Wednesday afternoon in a session called DIY DaaS: Creating your own Desktop-as-a-Service.

To see the full agenda, visit

To hear an introductory podcast, check out OpenSky


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Fun with NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront

I don’t work with NetScalers on a regular basis.  I am familiar with the product and the capabilities, but prefer to leave that to NetScaler and networking engineers.  As I explained to a friend of mine once, I understand the core product, but it’s the overall networking and security landscape that I don’t have enough experience in.  It’s the same for someone to say they know Windows so they should be able to design a full virtualization environment… you need to know the full topology to be effective.

That being said, sometimes I still get my hands dirty in the NetScaler world, either because no one else is available or I am a glutton for punishment.  It seems like every time I do, I have to relearn points I had forgotten.  Some of the points raised in this post will be common sense or common knowledge, but I want to list them for my own future reference.  Who knows, they may help you too!

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I’ve been away…

Sorry for neglecting the blog lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with work since November. Running at about 150% utilized between projects and management responsibilities. Things are starting to settle down for me know, so I am hopeing to blog a bit more.

I have two things brewing that I think everyone will appreciate…
(1) XenAppAudit 2.0 is in the works. I have laid out the logic flow and have an idea of how I want it structured. It will probably still be a few months before it is ready for consumption. Sooner if I have time…
(2) Series of blog posts on DR for VDI. I’ve been doing a lot of VDI and DR planning recently, so I plan to share the knowledge…

If there is anything else you are interested in, let me know.

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Thoughts on Baselines

Establishing baselines are a critical component to long-term management of any system (IT, manufacturing, etc.)  Baselines allow you to understand your norms and help forecast your future.  I find myself constantly baselining in everyday life. When I take the kids to school, is there a more efficient or faster way?  How long should it take me to commute?  We tend to do these things without conscious thought.

One area where I am consciously and constantly measuring my baseline is when I am in the security lines at the airport… 
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Back to the Blog…

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything new.  I always thought that with more travel, I would have more downtime at nights to write.  However, I have found the inverse to be true.  By the time I get back to the hotel at night, or have time at the airports, I am so beat that I don’t have the energy to write.
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XenAppAudit v1 Now Available

I am happy to announce I have made my XenAppAudit Utility generally available on my site.  This is free to any and everyone who wants to use it.  I have been developing this on and off over the past year.
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Interview with ServerWatch

I was recently interviewed by Paul Rubens with ServerWatch.  He featured some of my comments in his article titled “VDI: The ‘Other’ Virtualization Technology” which was published on December 1, 2011. 
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