Are you ready for VDI?

More companies are investigating the benefits of implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  If you are one of those companies then you need to ask yourself, “Am I ready for VDI?”  The first step is identifying exactly what VDI means to your organization.  VDI actually encompasses several types of delivery, but is most commonly associated with what Gartner classifies as hosted virtual desktops (HVD).  VDI can also include implementations of server-based computing (SBC), hosted shared desktops (HSD) and client-side virtualization.  For the sake of simplicity, we will focus on the hosted virtual desktop model for VDI since that is the most common assumption of a VDI deployment.

As a virtualization architect, I have been involved in numerous VDI implementations ranging from proof of concepts to full production lifecycles.  In the process of design and implementation engagements, one thing is clear: many companies are not ready for VDI.  Some simply do not need VDI, but think they want it.  Others may need it, but have a long road to travel to get there.  The question then becomes how to determine if VDI is right for you and how to make it a reality.  This is not about deciding which solution is right for you, but understanding what should go into that decision making process.

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