Interview with ServerWatch

I was recently interviewed by Paul Rubens with ServerWatch.  He featured some of my comments in his article titled “VDI: The ‘Other’ Virtualization Technology” which was published on December 1, 2011. 

Here is one of the excerpts attributed to me:

But does VDI really save you money? Not normally, according to Andy Paul, principal virtualization consultant for GlassHouse Technologies, a Massachusetts-based data center infrastructure consulting company. He reckons that in most cases companies are being misled if they think that they are going to get a direct financial boost from implementing VDI. “Except in the biggest implementations, VDI is not a cost-saving exercise,” he said.

and here:

“When VDI is done correctly, VDI probably ends up being net neutral as far as costs are concerned—your increased up-front capex costs are offset by reduced day-to-day costs,” said Paul. But in most cases it will take something like five years before a VDI project pays for itself, he believes, by which time it will probably be time for a new project.

You can see the full article here:

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