XenAppAudit v1 Now Available

I am happy to announce I have made my XenAppAudit Utility generally available on my site.  This is free to any and everyone who wants to use it.  I have been developing this on and off over the past year.

The concept behind this was that I found when doing audits and assessments of XenApp environments, I would always run the same command line utilities and MFCOM scripts to gather data.  That combined wiht pouring through the consoles, would take 1-2 days to capture all the data I needed, and even then it might be incomplete.

So, I created this data collection and auditing utility to tell me everything I needed and more.  I the use custom queries, reports, and Excel automation to turn that raw data into usable information.

I did this for me, but I figured it could help others as well.  This utility can be useful for consultants as well as internal admins.  Please, check it out and let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to XenAppAudit v1 Now Available

  1. mike says:

    Do you have a time frame in which you will have your LoadEvaluator, Xenapp Policy Report and Farm Settings Report available? Your tool is fantastic!!!! You are the King. Eagerly awaiting v2.0… thank you very much. best, mike

    • Andy Paul says:

      Thanks Mike! Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been overworked lately and have neglected the blog.
      I’m working on version 2.0 now, it will be PowerShell based with some GUI components, making it more flexible for execution.

      As far as a Policy report, I’m still looking into that. The policies change significantly for each version, and some don’t export cleanly… still chasing it.

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