XenDesktop 5 Deep Dive: Machine Creation Services (MCS) on vSphere 4.1

As promised, I have published my Deep Dive around MCS over at The GenerationV Site: http://tinyurl.com/4tzpfts. Check it out!

The data is abstracted, but all the source came from a real-world pilot. The question posed was, “What is the impact of MCS on storage and how exactly does it work on vSphere?” So, I rolled up my sleeves, dug in, and figured I would share my findings.

In short, MCS works as design and can greatly save on storage space by using a linked snapshot as well as save on administration by rapidly deploying machines. The downside becomes when you need to move machines to different storage. Not always a common event, but one to consider.

Personally, I still prefer PVS for an enterprise-scale deployment, but MCS has it’s place.

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