Writing a book is a long process.  This includes not only creating original content, but having that content reviewed for style, edited, technically reviewed, edited again, laid out, re-reviewed, re-edited, and finally published.

Part of the layout and editorial process includes trimming material to fit the page count.  As such, I will be published a series of articles with outtakes.  Check back for the latest material.


Chapter 1: Planning Desktop Virtualization

Chapter 2: Defining Your Desktop Virtualization Environment

Chapter 3: Designing Your Infrastructure

Chapter 4: Designing Your Access Layer

Chapter 5: Designing Your Application Delivery Layer

Chapter 6: Designing Your Virtual Image Delivery

Chapter 7: Designing Your Supporting Infrastructure Components

Chapter 8: Optimizing Your XenApp Solution

Chapter 9: Implementing Your XenApp Solution


Last Updated: 9/15/2014