XenAppAudit Quick Start Guide

About XenAppAudit

The purpose of the XenAppAudit Utility is to take XenApp audit data collection from days down to minutes.  The XenAppAudit Utility provides the following:

  • Automated data collection for Citrix XenApp Farms (versions 4 – 6.5)
    • Utilizing VBSCRIPT, MFCOM, WMI, and POWERSHELL scripts
  • Data Analysis using Microsoft Access
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Custom data conversion functions
    • Summary Reports for Analysis
  • Excel Spreadsheets for Additional Summary Analysis

 How to use XenAppAudit

The XenAppAudit data collection scripts are designed to be run on a XenApp server.

  • Extract the files to C:\Program Files\XenAppAudit
    • The program is tested to run from C:\Program Files\XenAppAudit, however, it should run from any path
  • You will need to use an account with FARM ADMINISTRATOR privileges
  • Your account should have SERVER ADMINISTRATOR rights as well for remote WMI calls
    • If using Windows 2008 with UAC, be sure to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
    • For convenience, I recommend opening a CMD window as ADMINSTATOR, then running the batch file
  • The START.BAT file will call the LAUNCHER.VBS script.
    • This script will inspect the system to determine OS and XenApp Versions
    • This script will call the associated VB or PowerShell scripts for XenApp data collection
  • All scripts are located under the SCRIPTS folder
  • Results are available under the RESULTS folder
    • XenAppAudit_be.mdb file containing all collected data
    • Various text files from command line queries
    • Transaction log files of the executed scripts
  • Once the audit is complete, open the XenAppAudit.mdb (Microsoft Access is required)
    • This file should be in C:\Program Files\XenAppAudit
    • This database is linked to tables in XenAppAudit_be.mdb in the Results folder
    • Run the Import Data Collection Files for Analysis
      • This will import the text files from the Results folder
    • You can review the canned reports as well as export formatted to Excel for further analysis or distribution


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